Thursday, November 13, 2008

This week I have chosen Gina, who writes:

"I want to find serious relations. And I want to create a family. I am romantic person. If you want to chat with me you can write me and I will answer you."

My match for Gina is Jackie Ho Chung, originally from Hong Kong, now living in Cleveland.

Jackie responds:

"You make noise like nice woman. I am romantic person two. I will make nice dinner and light candles. You will be set on fire. If you want two half dinner with me I will ask you and you will answer me.

I half six brothers and four sisters. They will half romantic dinner with us. If they like you they will tell me and you can clean the kitchen.

I half mother who live with me. My father live nearby in cemetery. He live there three years ago. My mother cry all the time. If you want two think of marriage I will invite you and you will meet her at our house. If she like you you can clean it.

I am spiritual person. I go two House of Rising Moon and listen two spiritual things. My brothers and sisters not spiritual people. They go to House of Pancakes. If you are spiritual person you must half dress and we will enjoy Rising Moon.

I am believe in respect for women. Relations with women much better that way. When you half spoken I will half listen.

I want two half bride and want two half children. If you want husband and want two half children with me you must bend over to be good wife.

I want lot of what marriage half to offer so I will start giving you my number and you can start giving me your number two."

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